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SMASH T1D TeamTennis Challenge Oct. 12-14 at Palmetto Dunes -- see story below

WTT-Format Competition Will Raise Funds for NMD (No More Diabetes) Fund; Minimum 2 Men, 2 Women on Each Team; Singles, Doubles, MxDoubles


Record 285 Entries in This Weekend's Banana Open Challenge  at Palmetto Dunes TC -- Friday results below 


Men's Winter Interclub Upping Age Level to 55, Prepping for 2013 USTA League Age Restructuring -- see story below 



Clubs Offer Free Clinics, Big Discounts for Team Captains During SC Appreciation Week -- How about your club? 

        See story below on how USTA SC is honoring captains Oct. 14-20



Singles/M&W Doubles/Mixed Each Match

     Entry Deadline Sunday for SMASH T1D TeamTennis Challenge To Fight Diabetes Set Oct. 12-14 at Palmetto Dunes

        HILTON HEAD ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- First in World TeamTennis, then the HHI-Charleston Pro Challenge and now fighting diabetes. The TeamTennis format of a set each of men's and women's singles and doubles and mixed doubles will be used in the Oct. 12-16 SMASH T1D Challenge at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. Official beneficiary will be the NMD Foundation (No More Diabetes). Entry deadline is Sunday

    Teams will compete in rating levels of 3.0 (6.0), 3.5 (7.0), 4.0 (8.0), 4.5 (9.0) and 5.0 (10.0). Entry fee of $40 per player per roster all will go to the NMD Foundation. A players' party by Boars Head Meats, an Interactive NMD Kids clinic and a Pro Exhibition will run from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday the 12th. A lunch Saturday will be provided by Barrier Island. Each entrant will receive a T-shirt. Raffles daily and a silent auction will be included in the off-court activities.

    Tournament director Jackie Reynecke explained that for each rating level the men's and women's singles and doubles must be the flat rating, i.e., 3.5 players only in the 3.5 singtles and doubles. For mixed doubles, combo rating totals can be used, meaning that a 4.0 and 3.0 can team to play in mixed 7.0. Two men and two women are the minimum for a roster, with 10 the maximum.

    Tournament entry form is available at HHI clubs or online at For information on the charity, go to For general information, contact Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center at 785-1152.  



Players from 7 States

     Record 285 Entries in This Weekend's Banana Open Challenge  at Palmetto Dunes TC; Friday Results Posted

        HILTON HEAD ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- The Friday-Sunday Banana Open Challenge has a record number of entrants -- 285 -- with competitors from at least seven states engaging in men's and women's singles and doubles and mixed double at Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center. More than 100 of the players are from Georgia, ranging from Savannah to Macon to Warner Robins to Columbus. The tournament is open free to spectators. 

    Local Banana Open tournaments are held throughout the year and champions advance to the 28th annual Challenge along with some wild cards that are accepted to flesh out the draws. With a Friday midday start, matches will continue day and night through the Sunday morning and afternoon finals. 

    For general information, contact Palmetto Dunes TC at 785-1152. 

    Here are the Friday results as posted by Tournament Director Jackie Reynecke: 

Men's Open Singles -- Quarterfinals

Ivan Besancon, Macon, GA d. Kelvis Brewer, Asheville, NC 6-0; 6-0

Eric Simonton, Charlotte,NC d. Warren Robinson, Savannah, GA 6-1; 6-3

Eric Burke, Marietta, GA d. Brad Orwig, Bluffton, SC 6-4; 6-2


Men's Open Doubles -- Quarterfinals

Scott Christensen, HHI, SC - Skip James, HHI d. Kelvis Brewer, Asheville, NC - Brandon Jones, Pisgah Forest, NC 6-1;6-2

Greg Myers, Mooresville, NC - Eric Simonton, Charlotte, NC d. Travis Bode, Virginia Beach, VA - Michael Pfeiffer, Virginia Beach, VA 0-6;7-6;1-0(6)

Bill Sturm, HHI, SC - Bobby Tillison, HHI d. Sean Sumner - Paul Webb, Asheville, NC Wo (ill)


Men's 3.0 Singles -- Round of 16

Andrew Brooks, Byron, GA d. Harvey Conner, Fletcher, NC 7-5;6-2

Anthony Wagner, Kathleen,GA d. Michael Weaver, Columbia, SC 6-2;6-2

James Moss, Perry, GA d. Jeff Anderson, Columbia, SC 6-2;7-6(4)


Men's 3.0 Doubles -- Quarterfinals

Cody Broome, Valdosta, GA - William Sanders, Macon, GA d. Bob Faulkner - Mike Wojcik, HHI 6-4;6-4

James Moss, Perry, GA - Anthony Wagner, Kathleen, GA d. Roger Angel, Asheville, NC - Jeff Bell, Asheville, NC 6-4;6-4

Matt Hill, Columbus, GA - Jeff King, Fortson, GA d. Nick Calvin, VA Beach, VA - George Loizou, VA Beach, VA 6-4;6-3

Jeff Anderson, Columbia, SC - Michael Weaver, Columbia, SC d. Andrew Brooks, Byron, GA - Jered Reilly, Centerville, GA 6-2;6-2


Men's 3.5 Singles -- Round of 16

Dean Moesch, Savannah, GA d. Curtis Battistelli, HHI 6-4;6-4

Mark Rahn, Rincon, GA d. Joe Flynn, Edgewater, MD 6-1;6-3

Joey Meares, Killen, AL d. Jeff Kress, Carrikktib, GA 6-1;6-0

Chip Messer, Kathleen, GA d. Art Meeder, Bluffton, SC 6-2;6-1

Christopher Castro, Germantown, MDd. Jim Williams, Villa Rica, GA 6-0;6-3

Tyler Long, Kathleen, GA d. Keith Chitwood, Charlotte, NC 6-1;6-2

David Meeder, Bluffton,SC d. Tycho Knudson, Norfolk, VA 6-3;6-1


Men's 3.5 Doubles -- Round of 16

Bryon Cliett, Cataula, GA - Tim Tramel, Columbus, GA d. Charlie Johnson, Kathleen, GA - Robert Parker, Warner Robins, GA 6-3;6-3

Mathew Botts, Powder Springs, GA - Tom Larkin, HHI d. Jeff Kress, Carrikktib, GA - Jim Williams, Villa Rica, GA 6-1;6-0

Jeff Loftin, Asheville, NC - Jim Rogers, Arden, NC d. Dewayne Heard, Perry, GA - Ashwin Patel, Macon, GA 6-1;6-2

Tom Cambron, Bluffton, SC - Joe Flynn, Edgewater, MD d. John Anselmo, Warner Robins, GA - Brooks Fox, Warner Robins, NC 5-7;6-0;1-0(6)

Eric Marineau - Arvind Venugopal, Rockville d. Leroy Heath, Saint Marys, GA - David Peterson, Jekyll Is., GA 3-6;6-0;1-0(6)

Joey Meares, Killen, AL - Tommy Minshew, Russellville, AL d. Eric Lassiter, Macon, GA - Steve Suk, Macon, GA 6-4;3-6;1-0(5)


Men's 4.0 Singles -- Round of 32

Jose Dos Santos, Tucker, GA d. Blair Mitchell, Macon, GA Wd (inj)

Christopher Castro, Germantown,MD d. Raymond Zenisek, Saint Johns, FL 6-0;6-1

James Brooks, Byron, GA d. Floyd Pettaway, Virginia Beach, VA 6-0;6-3

Round of 16

Adam Dalton, Warner Robins,GA d. Joseph Cannarozzi, Bluffotn, SC Wd (inj)

Matthew Hall, Savannah,GA d. Nazario Filipponi, Macon, GA 7-5;6-3

Marc Parker, Charlotte,NC d. Nishal Patel, Macon, GA 6-4;6-3

Jose Dos Santos, Tucker, GA d. Marcus Lowe, Atlanta, GA 7-5;6-3

Christopher Castro, Germantown,MD d. James Brooks, Byron, GA 7-5;7-6

Marko Durovic, Charlotte,NC d. Raymond Merletti, St. Marys, GA 6-2;5-7;1-0(7)

Brandon Beavers, Virginia Beach, VA d. Victor Johnson, Asheville, NC 6-1;6-1

Kevin Asbell, Ridgeland,SC d. Randy Dean, Macon, GA 6-1;6-2


Men's 4.0 Doubles -- Round of 32

Terry Duffy - Brian McLean, Macon, GA d. Brandon Beavers, Virginia Beach, VA - Floyd Pettaway, Virginia Beach, VA 6-4;7-6(3)

Rob Lascola, North Augusta, GA - Robert Washington, Lithia Springs, GA d. Ken Byrd, Hendersonville, NC - Gary Fleming, Asheville, NC 6-3;6-1

David Butler, Forsyth, GA - Jason Friedrichsen, Gray, GA d. Victor Johnson, Asheville, NC - Mark White, HHI, SC 6-1;6-2

Gary Barrett, Fort Valley, GA - Bill O'Sullivan, Warner Robins, GA d. Todd Pierce, HH, SC - Andy Reed, HHI, SC 6-4;6-7;1-0(7)

Round of 16

Carey Hodsden, Norfolk, VA - David Woods, Chesapeake, VA d. Allen Phan, Savannah, GA - Craig Saxton, Savannah, GA 6-4;6-2

Rick Allemang, Arden, NC - Bob Bailey, Asheville, NC d. Bob Connell, Fort Valley, GA - Mickey Wright, Macon, GA 6-4;6-1

Adam Dalton, Warner Robins, GA - Nishal Patel, Macon, GA d. Bryon Cliett, Cataula, GA - Rick Hinson, Columbus, GA 6-1;6-2

Rob Lascola, North Augusta, GA - Robert Washington, Lithia Springs, GA d. Terry Duffy - Brian McLean, Macon, GA 6-2;6-3

David Butler, Forsyth, GA - Jason Friedrichsen, Gray, GA d. Gary Barrett, Fort Valley, GA - Bill O'Sullivan, Warner Robins, GA 6-4;6-4

James Folkes, Webb, AL - Kevin Thompson, Fort Valley, GA d. James Brooks, Byron, GA - Glenn Miller, Centerville, GA 6-4;6-1

Jason Collins, Savannah, GA - Edward Pearson, Pooler, GA d. Todd Human, Columbus, GA - Stephen Smith, Midland, GA 2-6;6-4;1-0(7)

Andrew Kaplan, Charlotte, NC - Brian Mogelefsky, Charlotte, NC d. Randy Dean, Macon, GA - Nazario Filipponi, Macon, GA 6-0;6-1


Men's 4.5 Singles -- Round of 16

Darren Broome, Macon, GA d. Tyrone Fair, Arden, NC 4-6;6-2;1-0(8)

Ted Bartolo, Macon, GA d. Josh Goldblatt, Charlotte, NC Wd (em)


Men's 4.5 Doubles -- Round of 16

Thomas Bates, Macon, GA - Chris Neal, Macon, GA d. Rick Allemang, Arden, NC - Craig Carter, Asheville, NC 7-5;6-4

Rick Stoller, Columbus, GA - Steve Thiel, Midland, GA d. Darren Broome, Macon, GA - Evan Casper, Macon, GA 6-1;6-2

Allen Phan, Savannah, GA - Ivor Savage, Savannah, GA d. Phillip Dibrell, Rock Hill, SC - Keith Pohl, York, SC 6-3;6-3

Tyrone Fair, Arden, NC - John Hereford, Asheville, NC d. Skip James, HHI, SC - Bill Sturm, HHI, SC 6-0;6-2


Women's 2.5 Singles -- Round Robin 1

Holly Ganote, HHI d. Allison Jones, Asheville, NC 6-1;6-4

Cathy Goff, Kathleen, GA d. Deborah Wall, Warner Robins, GA 4-6;7-6;1-0


Women's 3.0 Singles -- Round of 16

Monique Hill, Oxon Hill,MD d. Patricia Chitwood, Charlotte, NC 6-3;6-0


Haley Filholm, Warner Robins,GA d. Sally Mignone, HHI 6-2;6-1

Monique Hill, Oxon Hill,MD d. Ana Kry, McLean, VA Def (ns)

Jennifer Yeager, Beaufort, SC d. Candace Woods 6-0;6-3

Jennifer Lyle, HHI d. Ashley Jackson, Kathleen, GA 6-0;6-0


Women's 3.0 Doubles -- Round of 16

Cindy Byrd, Hendersonville, NC - Donita Fleming, Asheville, NC d. Julie Steele, Macon, GA - Jennifer Yeager, Beaufort, SC 7-5;4-6;1-0

Miriam Brown, VA Beach, VA - Lizette Driscoll, Virginia Beach, VA d. Michelle Human, Columbus, GA - Terri Smith, Midland, GA 6-3;6-0


Women's 3.5 Singles -- Quarterfinals

Denise Raquet, HHI, SC d. Julie Holloway, Macon, GA 6-3;6-4


Women's 3.5 Doubles -- Round of 16

Chrystal Wasden, Bonaire, GA - Marian Wharton, Warner Robins, GA d. Doreen Miller, Bluffton, SC - Suzanne Van Vort, Bluffton, SC 6-3;6-1

Amy Abernathy, HHI - Alene DeLoach, HHI d. Hilary Ellwood, Lyzella, GA - Carol Karlson, Juliette, GA 7-5;6-1

Betsy Klein, Asheville, NC - Donna Skigen, Asheville, NC d. Sara Mason, Fort Valley, GA - Kay Sanders, Macon, GA 6-2;6-2

Amy Hill, Columbus, GA - Paige King, Fortson, GA d. Charlie Arnold, Perry, GA - Fran DuPerry, Centerville, GA 6-1;7-5

Kristen Karszes, HHI - Julie Taylor, HHI d. Kimberly Gerson, Macon, GA - Rebecca Thacker, Macon, GA 6-1;6-1

Stephanie Chittick, Asheville, NC - Tina Saxon, Columbia, SC d. Plernchit Anselmo, Warner Robins, GA - Joann Sanchez, Warner Robins, GA 3-6;6-3;1-0(3)


Women's 4.0 Singles -- Round of 16

Michele Archibald, Annapolis,MD d. Gina Fair, Asheville, NC 6-0;6-4

Mart-Mari von Schlinchting, Chesapeake,VA d. Alyssa Minshew, Russellville, AL 6-3;6-2

Kell Culclasure, Manning, SC d. Melody O'Sullivan, Warner Robins, GA 7-5;6-3

Preethi Reddy-Veluri, Atlanta,GA d. Nicole Knudson, Norfolk, VA 6-4;6-3

Harriet Pollitzer, HHI d. Victoria Holloway, Brunswick, GA 2-6;6-1;1-0(8)


Women's 4.0 Doubles -- Round of 32

Carol Mclean, Macon, GA - Pam Spencer, Bonaire, GA d. Tanner Larson, HHI - Harriet Pollitzer, HHI 6-3;6-3


Women's 4.5 Singles -- Quarterfinals

Julija Soryte, Charlotte,NC d. McCuen Livingston, Asheville, NC 6-0;6-2


Women's 5.0 Doubles -- Quarterfinals

Diofra Azucenas, Charlotte, NC - Rikki Myers, Mooresville, NC d. Deborah Chambers, Byron, GA - Harriet Connolly, Dahlonega, GA 6-1;6-0

Lola Bradshaw, Asheville, NC - McCuen Livingston, Asheville, NC d. Sandy Gillis, HHI - Susan Taylor, HHI 6-4;7-5

Charleen Calvin, VA Beach, VA - Bridgett King, VA Beach, VA d. Courtney Luce, Indian Trail, NC - Shannon Pohl, York, SC 6-4;6-3

Lynn McElveen, Cades, SC - Cheryl Windham, Asheville, NC d. Chris Clure, Savannah, GA - Courtney Henderson, Savannah, GA 6-3;7-6(7)


Mixed Combo 6.0 -- Round of 16

Harvey Conner, Fletcher, NC - Allison Jones, Asheville, NC d. Kay Sanders, Macon, GA - William Sanders, Macon, GA 6-2;6-7;1-0(7)


Roger Angel, Asheville, NC - Ashley Jackson, Kathleen, GA d. Michael Bowman - Rebecca Thacker, Macon, GA 2-6;6-2;1-0(9)

Bob Faulkner - Charlene Woodall, HHI d. Harvey Conner, Fletcher, NC - Allison Jones, Asheville, NC 7-5;6-2

Patricia Chitwood, Charlotte, NC - Shawn O'Brien, Charlotte, NC d. Cam Bryant, Macon, GA - Julie Steele, Macon, GA 6-1;6-1

Jeff Bell, Asheville, NC - Donita Fleming, Asheville, NC d. Matt Hill, Columbus, GA - Michelle Human, Columbus, GA 6-1;6-2


Mixed Combo 7.0 -- Round of 32

Edward Pearson, Pooler, GA - Janet Pearson, Pooler, GA d. Cindy Byrd, Hendersonville, NC - Ken Byrd, Hendersonville, NC 6-1;6-2

Steve Suk, Macon, GA - Brigitte Terrell, Macon, GA d. Bob Bailey, Asheville, NC - Cassandra Perkins, Asheville, NC 0-6;7-5;1-0(6)

Dewayne Heard, Perry, GA - Chrystal Wasden, Bonaire, GA d. Art Meeder, Bluffton, SC - Marian Wharton, Warner Robins, GA 6-0;6-1

Jeff Loftin, Asheville, NC - Donna Skigen, Asheville, NC d. Michael Gonzalez, HHI - Beth Wilt, Falls Church, VA 6-3;6-1

Christy Shurling, Sandersville, GA - Brian Walden, Bartow, GA d. Keith Chitwood, Charlotte, NC - Leila O'Brien, Charlotte, NC 6-3;6-2


Mixed Combo 10.0 -- Round of 16

Ivan Besancon, Macon, GA - Cheryl Windham, Asheville, NC d. Pat Child, HHI - Stephanie Gentemann, HH, SC 6-4;7-6(6)

Meredith Cutchin, VA Beach, VA - T.C. Lauer, Richmond Hill, GA d. Evan Casper, Macon, GA - Joanna Jones, Macon, GA 6-1;6-4

Roger Pearce, Columbus, GA - Julija Soryte, Charlotte, NC d. Courtney Luce, Indian Trail, NC - Keith Pohl, York, SC 3-6;6-4;1-0(6)

Phillip Dibrell, Rock Hill, SC - Shannon Pohl, York, SC d. Mitch Bracewell, Bonaire, GA - Shelley Humes, HHI 6-2;7-6(5)



November through January Play

     Men's Winter Interclub Upping Age Level to 55, Prepping for 2013 USTA League Age Restructuring

        HILTON HEAD ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- With handwriting already cast in stone for the new 2013 League Tennis format, the 21st annual Fall/Winter Senior Men's Interclub League will be shifting its minimum age requirement from 50 & older to 55 & older -- a move that will provide team captains a "practice" season to gather players who will move into the USTA League's age-restructuring early next year. 

    The non-USTA November-December-January season always has served as an informal recruiting period and play time before the "real" league season start in early February. Teams from Hilton Head Island and Coastal Carolina will compete, as in previous years, in three divisions -- 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 -- under the coordination of Dick Sonberg. The 2012 season will be open to teams and players who will be at least age 55 by Dec. 31, 2013 (not 2012). Match format will continue as three doubles. 


    "This fall league is separate and distinct from the Spring 70+ league, which will start sometime in January," Sonberg said. The Spring Men's 3.5/4.0 league plays 4.0 doubles on Court One and three 3.5 courts, the third of which is an "exhibition" match that has not counted in the league standings. The 2013 Spring season will be expanding, with more teams from the Coastal Carolina area like Sun City, Callawassie, Habersham, Rose Hill, Dataw, etc. A number of CCTA area teams competed in the 2011-12 Interclub.


    In the Fall season, 3.0s will play on Mondays, 4.0s will play Tuesdays and 3.5s will play Wednesdays. 

    Captains, co-captains and club pros have been emailed the organization information. Teams interested in competing must notify Sonberg by Monday, Oct. 15. Email Additional information will be out shortly.



Next Up: Vacation Co. Chmps.

   Beaufort Players Tops in Championships In Fripp Is. Clay Court Singles, Doubles, Combo Mixed Finals

        FRIPP ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- The popular annual Fripp Island Fall Clay Court Championships finished off singles and doubles finals Sunday, with Beaufort's Larry Schepper winning two doubles championships and two Richard/Hefner teams capturing finals. The USTA-sanctioned event had 129 players competing, with Troy McMullen as tournament director and Mary Anna Scott of Columbia referee..

    Schepper won the Men's 4.5 rated doubles with Clark Trask of Beaufort, then teamed with Pat Child of Hilton Head Island to take the age division 45s final. It was a winning combination for Richard/Hefner teams as Kevin Richard and Ashley Hefner won the Men's 3.5 title in a 10-8 third set match tiebreak. Dawn Richard and Catherine Hefner captured the Women's 3.5 final in straight sets. 

    Here are the complete weekend results: 

Men's Open Singles 

William Greene (Mount Pleasant) d. (1) Tyler Davis (Mount Pleasant) 2-6; 7-6(5); 10-4 
Semifinals -- William Greene d. (2) Patrick Child 6-3; 6-3; (1) Tyler Davis d. todd stone 4-6; 6-3; 10-8 
Quarterfinal -- William Greene d. Joe MacDermant 6-7(5; 7-6(6); 10-8 
Men's 3.5 Singles 

John Schrey (Ladys Is.) d. Daniel Harrell (Beaufort) 6-0; 6-0 
Semifinals -- John Schrey d. Lawrence Walsh 6-0; 6-1; Daniel Harrell d. Gary Sullivan 6-2; 6-0 
 Men's 4.0 Singles 

Andy Rosolinski (Beaufort) d. John Martin (Beaufort) 6-1; 6-1 
Semifinals -- John Martin d. Mark Blitzer 6-4; 6-1; Andy Rosolinski d. Clark Trask 7-5; 6-3 
Women's 3.0 Singles 

Heather Greene (Mount Pleasant) d. Jennifer Yeager (Beaufort) 6-4; 6-4 
Semifinals -- Jennifer Yeager d. jamie davis 6-1; 7-6(3); Heather Greene d. Diana Hudson 6-0; 6-1 
Women's 4.0 Singles 

Jennifer Baldwin (Beaufort) d. Catherine Gussler (Savannah GA) 6-1; 6-2 
Semifinals -- Jennifer Baldwin d. Nancy Tiffey 6-2; 6-2; Catherine Gussler d. Madison Russell 6-0; 4-6; 10-7 
Quarterfinal -- Nancy Tiffey d. Barbara Burgess 6-7(0); 6-3; 10-4 
Men's 3.5 Doubles 

Kevin Richard (Beaufort)/Ashley Hefner (Beaufort) d. Tom Cambron (Hilton Head Is.)/Jonathan Watkins (Yemessee) 7-5; 2-6; 10-8 
Semifinals -- Richard/Hefner d. Harrell/Orlow 6-7; 6-1; 10-3; Cambron/Watkins d. Dedel/Sullivan 6-1; 6-0 
Quarterfinal -- Richard/Hefner d. Malick/Norton 6-0; 6-3 
Men's 4.0 Doubles 

Stephen Bidwell (Columbia)/Christopher Eaker (Blythewood) d. Jody Smoak (Walterboro)/Kenneth Whisman (Beaufort) 6-4; 6-2 
Semifinals -- Bidwell/Eaker d. Drexel/McCarty 6-2; Smoak/Whisman d. Mathai/Pingree 1-6; 7-6; 10-7 
Men's 4.5 Doubles 

Larry Scheper (Beaufort)/Clark Trask (Beaufort) d. Tyler Davis (Mount Pleasant)/Tyler McGuire (Beaufort) 6-4; 6-4 
Semifinals -- Scheper/Trask d. Greene/Gray 6-3; 1-6; 10-6; Davis/McGuire d. Clark/stone 6-1; 6-3 
Quarterfinal -- Scheper/Trask d. Huang/Matthews 6-7; 7-5; 10-8 
Women's 3.5 Doubles 

Dawn Richard (Beaufort)/Catherine Hefner (Beaufort) d. Denise Day-Mitchell (Walterboro)/Megan Hyatt (Beaufort) 6-4; 6-1 
Semifinals -- Richard/Hefner d. Dedel/McGill 6-3; 4-6; 10-7; Day-Mitchell/Hyatt d. Childers/Mitchell 7-5; 6-2 
Quarterfinal -- Richard/Hefner d. Nellen/Upchurch 6-3; 6-2 
Women's 4.0 Doubles 

Carol Fitch (Salem VA)/Shannon Lurkin (Hilton Head Is.) d. Leslie Dales (Savannah GA)/Catherine Gussler (Savannah GA) 6-3; 6-4 
Semifinals -- Dales/Gussler d. Burgess/Upchurch 6-2; 6-2;Fitch/Lurkin d. Haught/Hyatt 6-3; 6-3 
Quarterfinal -- Dales/Gussler d. Chavez/Straut 6-0; 6-4 
Women's 4.5 Doubles 

Julie Child, (Hilton Head Is.)/Michelle Clark (Beaufort) d. Anne Beasley (Pooler GA)/Lisa Brown (Richmond Hill GA) 6-4; 5-7; 10-8 
Semifinals -- Child/Clark d. Grubbs/Sullivan 6-1; 6-0; Beasley/Brown d. Bradshaw/McElveen 6-1; 6-1 
Quarterfinal -- Child/Clark d. Dales/Harvey 6-2; 6-0 
Men's 65 Singles 
Round Robin

Norm Chryst d. Richard Silver 6-4; 7-5 
Norm Chryst d. Fred Carrillo 6-2; 6-0 
Richard Silver d. Fred Carrillo 6-0; 6-2 
Norm Chryst of Bluffton winner of round robin; Rich Silver (Daufuskie Is.) second

Men's 45 Doubles 

Pat Child (Hilton Head Is,)/Larry Scheper (Beaufort) d. Li Huang (Chapin)/Beau Matthews (Columbia) 6-1; 6-4 
Semifinals -- Huang/Matthews d. Ashford/Duernberger 6-4; 6-4; Child/Scheper d. Dumas/Hoppe 6-2; 6-3 
Combined Mixed 6.0 Doubles 

Rhett Corley (Chapin)/Cindy Corley (Chapin) d. Heather Greene (Mount Pleasant)/Merritt Yeager (Beaufort) 6-3; 6-3 
Semifinals -- Corley/Corley d. Hudson/Walsh 6-1; 6-2; Greene/Yeager d. Funderburk/Funderburk 6-2; 6-0 
Combined Mixed 7.0 Doubles 

Madison Russell (St. Helena Is.)/Mark Russell (Fripp Is.) d. Ashley Hefner (Beaufort)/Catherine Hefner (Beaufort) 6-3; 6-3 
Semifinals -- Hefner/Hefner d. Gray/Whisman 6-3; 6-3; Russell/Russell d. Nellen/Watkins 6-4; 6-2 
Quarterfinal -- Gray/Whisman d. Miner/Youmans-White 6-2; 6-1 
Combined Mixed 8.0 Doubles 

Donna Bierschenk (Bluffton)/Richard Pingree (Beaufort) d. Megan Hyatt (Beaufort)/Matt Straut (Beaufort) 7-5; 6-4 
Semifinals -- Hyatt/Straut d. Bensch/Drexel 6-3; 6-2; Bierschenk/Pingree d. Harvey/McCarty 6-4; 6-4 
Quarterfinal -- Hyatt/Straut d. Brown/Calhoun 6-2; 6-4 
Combined Mixed 9.0 Doubles 

Lisa Brown (Richmond Hill GA)/Chip Upchurch (Walterboro) d. Michelle Clark (Beaufort)/Kevin McGuire (Beaufort) 6-1; 2-6; 11-9 
Semifinals -- Clark/McGuire d. Dalton/Dalton 6-2; 6-0; Brown/Upchurch d. Child/gray 6-3; 7-5 
Quarterfinal -- Dalton/Dalton d. Beasley/Upchurch 6-4; 3-6; 10-8 


Successful Seeds

     PTR's Wheelchair Tennis Championships Wrap Up at Chaplin Park

        HILTON HEAD ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- World-class wheelchair tennis players recently back from the London Olympics and USOpen showed they could uphold their seedings in the Professional Tennis Registry's Wheelchair Tennis Championships. Local volunteers are needed to assist players in their matches and amenities. Admission was free to spectators for all the wheelchair matches. 

    About 75 players players, including 30 world-class athletes competed at this year's event. Activities included exhibitions, social activity and the many competitive matches at  Chaplin Park and at HHI  Motorcoach Resort.

    Here are the level championship match results:

Men's Open Singles


Gordon Reid (1) of London def. Stephen Welsh (2) of Arlington TX 6-4, 6-2

Junior Open "A" Singles

Round Robin

Chris Herman of Gulfport FL winner or round robin; Krystal Kelley of Grand Haven MI second

Men's "A" Singles

David Williams (1) of Sugar Hill GA def. Aaron Gunn of Charlotte NC 6-3, 7-5

Men's "B" Singles

Kenny Hernandez (3) of Hialeah FL vs. Rodney Spence (2) of Charlotte NC ... TBD

Men's "C" Singles

Round Robin

Robert Popelka (2) of Atlanta GA winner of round robin; Mark Schrelber of Savannah GA second

Quad Open Singles

Bryan Barten (1) of Tucson AZ def. David Buck of Silverado CA 6-4, 6-2

Women's Open Singles

Lucy Shuker (1) def. Katarina Kruger (2) 6-4, 6-2

Women's "A" Singles

Denise Esrey (1) of Grass Valley CA def. Valeria Reyes-Chian of Fairfax VA 6-0, 7-5

Junior Open "A" Doubles

Chris Herman of Gulfport FL/Cole Wooten of Martinez GA def. Krystal Kelley of Grand Haven MI/Valeria Reyes-Chian of Fairfax VA 6-0, 4-6, 6-4

Men's Open Doubles

Gordon Reid/Stephen Welch of Arlington TX (1)  def. Steve Baldwin of San Diego CA/Frederic Cazeaudumec (2) of Daytona Beach FL 6-4, 6-2

Men's "A" Doubles 

Harlen Mathews of Locust Grove GA/David Williams of Sugar Hill GA (1) def. Nick Burnham of Charlotte NC/Chris Herman of Gulfport FL 6-2, 6-4

Men's "B" Doubles

Donald Carnrike of McDonough GA/Skip Chapman of Locust Grove CA def. Larry Keeter of Charlotte NC/Rodney Spence (1) of Charlotte NC 6-2, 7-5 

Men's "C" Doubles

James Dominick of Hampton GA/Megan McCabe of Roswell GA def. Donna Chapman of Locust Grove CA/Robert Popelka of Atlanta GA (1) 2-6, 6-3, 6-4

Quad Open Doubles

Anthony Cotterill of London ENG/Adam Field of London ENG (1) def. Greg Hasterok of San Diego CA/David Jordan of Chapel Hill TN (2) 6-4, 5-7, 6-4

Women's Open Doubles

Katharina Kruger/Lucy Shuker (1) def. Francisca Madones/Jessica Sporte of Marne MI (2) 6-0, 6-2

Women's "A" Doubles

Donna Chapman of Locust Grove CA/Meghan McCabe of Roswell GA def. Amy Burnett of Arkadelphia AR/Signe Diedrichson of Brentwood TN 6-1, 6-1



Country Club of Hilton Head

   POSTPONED: Lendl Tennis, Haney Golf Exhibitions To Benefit Junior Champions Foundation

        HILTON HEAD ISLAND SC (TENNIS E-News) -- A two-hour  tennis and golf exhibition featuring Grand Slam Champion Ivan Lendl and golf school director Hank Haney, originally scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 13, at Country Club of Hilton Head, has been postponed. Proceeds will be going to the Junior Champions Foundation. Stay tuned for update on new time for exhibition. 

    To order tickets and for information, call 843-686-1511. 



HHI Clubs Offer Clinics, Discounts    

     League Captains Appreciation Week in South Carolina -- Oct. 14-20 -- What's Your Club Doing???

        COLUMBIA SC (TENNIS E-News) -- October 14-20 will be South Carolina's first USTA League Captain Appreciation Week -- dedicated to special activities statewide and locally recognizing the efforts to captains so vital to success of the league programs. USTA SC has distributed information to tennis facilities, Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) and sporting goods stores about how they can participate and plan special events.

    Activities provided to TENNIS E-News for Hilton Head Island and Coastal Carolina includes: 


    TAHHI is working on a "happy hour" celebration for all 2012 captains. Date/place/specifics to be announced shortly. The date likely will be after Combo States that will be played Oct. 18-22.
    South Beach RC will extend a special captain's sale to all Island and Bluffton Captains of 30% off all retail and shoes and and additional 20% off sale items during the Captain Appreciation Week. 

    In addition, we are giving a 1 1/2-hour clinic to all SBRC Captains and their spouses with beer and snacks to follow during that week.

                    -- Don Sigmon

    Port Royal RC will provide 25% discounts on all non-sale items. 

                    -- Denny Bianco

    Spring Lake RC will offer all SLRC 2012 captains and co-captains (USTA & Interclub) rackets, shoes, apparel at cost plus 10%. A pizza/beer/wine lunch for the captains will be held Friday, Oct. 26. 

                    -- Keith Ferda


    Among planned activities around the state:

        • Captains from throughout the state will be highlighted during the week on  and on Facebook

        • Teams will be asked to send in fun photos of their captains which will be featured on Facebook

        • Captains throughout the state will be eligible to win prizes through drawings held during the week -- to include one special grand prize that would be open to all captains 

        • A feature story, “What It Takes to Be a Captain” will be published on and a press release will be sent to the media

        • Other stories about being a captain will be featured on the website and on Facebook during the week

        • Captains will be eligible for special discounts from participating merchants

        • Local tennis facilities will be encouraged to “spoil” their captains with special clinics, events, pro-shop discounts, discounts on lessons, and

conduct special captain mixed-doubles round robins

        • CTA’s will be encouraged to participate by recognizing captains on their websites, special drawings etc.

        • Local tennis shops will be encouraged to give captains special discounts on tennis merchandise, equipment and apparel during this special week

    Final specifics will be announced soon. USTA SC is encouraging ideas for the Captains Week, to be forwarded to the State's Communications & Marketing Committee via its chairperson



    Oct. 5-7: 28th annual Palmetto Dunes Resort Banana Open Challenge / Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center / Closed tournament for winners (and wildcards) of local Banana Open tournaments from the East Coast competing in singles, doubles and mixed doubles / For information, call Palmetto Dunes 785-1152 or go to

    Oct. 12-14: Smash T1D Team Tennis Challenge / Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center / Presented by and Benefitting NMD Foundation (No More Diabetes Foundation) / Team Tennis Format: Men’s/women’s singles, doubles & combo mixed / Call 785-1152 or email

     Oct. 12-14: South Carolina USTA Super Senior Mixed Doubles League State Championships / All levels of Super Senior Mixed / Aiken / Information at

     Oct. 12-14: Southern Section USTA Mixed Doubles League Championships / Adult 5.0 – 10.0; Senior 5.0 – 9.0 / Macon GA /

     Oct. 19-21: USTA Tennis On Campus Fall Invitational / Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center /  National opening event for the USTA Tennis On Campus program. More info coming soon. Call 785-1152.

    Oct. 18-22: South Carolina BMW Combo League State Championships / All levels for both men and women’s adult, senior and super senior divisions / Daniel Island SC. Information at .

     Oct. 20-22: Dennis Van der Meer Southern Junior Championships / Van Der Meer Tennis Center / Sponsored by Van Der Meer Tennis Center. / USTA-sanctioned event / Boys’ and girls' 18s-12s singles with consolation draw / ID #704102112 / Information by email 

     Oct. 25-28: Vacation Co. Adult Tennis Championships / Van der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club / USTA-sanctioned event / Men’s and women’s singles and doubles in age divisions 35-80 and prize-money Open / also Men’s and women’s 2,5, 3.0, 3.5 singles / ID #704138112 / For information, call Justyn Schelver 785-8388 ext 119.

     Oct. 30-Nov. 2: South Carolina USTA Super Senior League State Championships / All levels for both men and women / Isle of Palms SC. Information at .

     Nov. 2-4: 18th annual Wild Wing Café "Nutty Buddy" Tennis Classic / Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center / Men's and women's doubles and mixed doubles in rated divisions 2.5 through open / For information, call Palmetto Dunes at 785-1152 or go to

     Nov. 7-11: Southern Senior Clay Court Closed (Even) / Kiawah Island / Men’s (30-90) & Women’s (30-80) singles & doubles; Mxd 30-80 / ID #704110812 / For information, call 843.766.6088 or

     Nov. 16-18: David M. Carmines Memorial Tennis Championships / Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center  / USTA-sanctioned event for Juniors only / Men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles in rated and age divisions not sanctioned / Junior age divisions 8 through 18 singles and doubles / For info, call Island Rec at 681-7273 or go to

     Nov. 17-20: South Carolina State Singles Team Championships / All levels / Wild Dunes / Information at .

     Nov. 30- Dec. 02: Southern Sectional Super Senior League Championships / Columbus GA / 2012 District winners from 9 states compete / Men’s and women’s 60s and 70s / all levels / See


TENNIS E-News FootNote


 (      )          Miami-Dade County FL government confirmed that it had discovered, in storage, 298 brand new vehicles 

  (    )             that had been purchased in 2006-2007 , but which had never been used.

 ( __ )                                                             -- From "News of the Weird" in Funny Times


 -- Dennis Malick


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Fripp Island Fall Clay Court Championship

September 28-30, 2012


Matches will be two of three sets, with match tiebreak (10 pt.) in lieu of the 3rd set. USTA rules (including

lateness penalties) apply. Starting times will be available on Tennis Link or by calling the Racquet Club at

(843) 838-1504 on Wednesday, September 26th 2012. Alternative scoring and alternate sites will be used in the

case of inclement weather, or large draw sizes. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TO PLAY WHEN SCHEDULED.



Men’s and Women’s S&D: Open, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75 Mixed Doubles: Open, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75

NTRP Men’s and Women’s S&D: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 NTRP Mixed Doubles: 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 (Combined Ratings)



$35.00 for Singles $30.00 per person for Doubles

You may enter a maximum of two events with one singles and one doubles or two doubles events (but not two

mixed.) Entry refunds cannot be given unless player withdraws prior to the draw being made.



Participants receive a tournament T-Shirt. Drinks will be provided daily for players. Lunch will be provided for

players on Saturday. Non-players may purchase lunch for $8.00.



Fripp Island Beachand Golf Resort FrippIsland Club



Entries may be mailed, faxed or delivered in person. They must be received by Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

at 5:00pm. Players must have a current USTA membership prior to the tournament. Memberships can be

obtained online or by calling 1-800-990-USTA.

If you are mailing your entry, you may pay by check. Make checks payable to Fripp Island Racquet Club.

Mail deliveries to Fripp Islandare sometimes slow, so please allow a minimum of four (4) days mail time to

ensure you meet the deadline.


The mailing address is: Fripp Island Resort

Attention: Troy McMullen / Racquet Club

201 Tarpon Blvd.

Fripp Island, SC 29920

Faxed entries must include a credit card number, expiration date and signature.

Our fax number is (843) 838-4928. No phone entries accepted.



Fripp Island Resort offers players a variety of lodging choices. Choose one of our spectacular oceanfront homes

or an intimate marsh view villa. Many are only steps away from our tennis complex. Fripp Island Resort offers

a 15% discount for tournament weekend reservations (based on availability, some restrictions apply.) For

Reservations call Group Sales at 1-800-334-3022.



Troy McMullen - Director Mary Anna Scott – Referee




Name__________________________ ________ Sex: Male_________ Female__________


Address_______________________ _________ Date of Birth_________________________ ______


City__________________________ __________ Telephone (h) _____________________________


State/Zip_____________________ __________ Work #________________Cell #_______________


Events Entered (1) ______________________ Partner_______________________ _____________


(2) ______________________ Partner_______________________ _____________


USTA #_____________________________ ___ USTA # Expiration Date: ___________________


T-Shirt Size (s) __________________________


Please move me to a higher division if my event is cancelled: Yes_____ No_____


Credit Card number for faxed entries: ______________________________ _____________________

Racquet Club fax # (843) 838-4928

Expiration Date: ______________________________ ______


In entering this tournament, I hereby release the sanctioning Tennis Association, FrippIsland Resort

and all of its subsidiaries and any other sponsor from any and all responsibilities for accidents or

losses incurred at the tournament location or traveling to and from the tournament. I also authorize

Fripp Island Resort to take and use my photo, image or statement for advertising, sale, display or

other uses.

Signature: ______________________________ ________________________Date:_ __________________